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CA- 125 Test: Carcinoma Antigen 125

Blood Study: This tumor marker is a sensitive test for the detection of ovarian cancer and is elevated in 80% of women with this disease. Other tumors such as uterine, hepatic, pancreatic, colon and lung cancer also can elevate the CA-125 level, thus the CA-125 test is not specific to ovarian cancer and should be used with other studies. Also, a normal CA-125 level cannot entirely exclude the possibility of ovarian cancer.

CEA Test: Carcinoembryonic Antigen

Blood Study: This tumor marker is elevated in cancers of the colon, breast, pancreas, liver, and stomach. However, it also may be elevated in inflammatory bowel disease, cirrhosis, diverticulitis, and chronic smoking.

PSA Test: Prostate Specific Antigen

Blood Study: Men Only. The PSA is a protein antigen found in all adult males and may be elevated in prostate cancer. The PSA level is used in the routine screening of men for prostate cancer and can detect almost 90% of all prostate cancers. It does not replace a periodic rectal examination, which is critical in detecting prostate cancer.

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